Frequently Asked Questions

Why Science?

It's Science because it's based upon a set of spiritual principles - laws relating to the nature of God and His creation - that can be applied with expected, consistent results.

Is it Christian?

Yes. Christian Science is based on the Bible and Christian Scientists follow the teachings and ministry of Christ Jesus. In fact the virgin birth, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Christ Jesus, and so on, are all central to Christian Science theory.

Is it true that Christian Scientists don't take medicine?

Generally a Christian Scientist's first choice is to rely on prayer for healing and in most cases this means a medical remedy is unnecessary. There is no biblical or church mandate to forgo medical intervention, nor do Christian Scientists believe that it is God's will that anyone suffer or die,. A Christian Scientist's decision to rely on prayer comes from trust, not blind faith, in God and from a conviction that God's care continues under every circumstance.

Is Christian Science the same as Scientology?

No. Scientology is much more recent and its teachings have nothing in common with Christian Science.

Is Christian Science the same as a positive thinking?

No. Positive thinking relies on the human mind to think or effect a good result. Christian Science starts with God and the conviction that God’s goodness embraces each of us, all the time.

Is Christian Science faith healing?

No. Christian Science does not involve pleading with God to heal the sick and then accepting His will, good or bad. Nothing in Christian Science theology says it’s God’s will that anyone suffer, be sick, or die. Christian Science shows God to be entirely good, and therefore His will for each individual is only health and life.

What is a Christian Science practitioner?

Christian Science practitioners are individuals who are self-employed, who have completed a course in spiritual healing given by an authorized teacher of Christian Science, and who devote themselves full time to helping and healing others through prayer. While practitioners do not offer counseling, diagnosis, prognosis, or any physical manipulation or treatment, they do offer Christian Science treatment—as explained in Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

What’s involved in Christian Science treatment?

Christian Science treatment is the application of spiritual principles—who and what God is and what that means for each individual—to the specifics of any given situation. These spiritual principles, applied, have a tangible effect—restored relationships, financial well-being, physical healing, and so on.

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